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In the era of digital technologies, when more and more transactions take place online, offline cryptocurrency exchanges remain highly relevant. offers a convenient and safe way to exchange hryvnia to USDT (Tezer) and back, right in your city. In this article, we will look at how the offline exchange procedure takes place through this service.

Preparing for the exchange

Course actualisation

Before making an exchange, it is important to find out the current exchange rate. Contact the service operator in Telegram (@exchange_bulldog) to get this information.

Formation of the application

You can make an exchange request both on the official website and in Telegram. Specify the direction of exchange (hryvnia to USDT or vice versa), the desired amount and the city where you plan to carry out the operation.

Exchange process

USDT to UAH exchange

  • Transfer the required amount of cryptocurrency from your smartphone to the details provided by the operator.

  • Get a unique code and the address of the exchanger.

  • When you arrive at the specified address, present the code and collect the cash.

Hryvnia to USDT exchange

  • Get a unique code and the address of the exchanger from the operator.

  • Specify your wallet to receive the crypto asset and confirm it belongs to you.

  • Hand over the cash at the specified point and get the cryptocurrency on your wallet.

Processing time

The processing time can vary from 5 minutes to a day depending on various parameters such as exchange amount, system workload and others.

Advantages of Hryvnia/USDT exchange at

Choosing to exchange Hryvnia and USDT (Tezer) offers a number of advantages that make the process fast, profitable and secure. Here are some of them:

  • Up-to-date Exchange Rate Contact our operator in Telegram (@exchange_bulldog) to get the most up-to-date information on the exchange rate, making it the most favourable exchange.

  • Fast Processing of Applications Processing time is realised in the shortest possible time.

  • Geographical Flexibility We offer city selection for offline exchanges, which adds convenience for customers.

  • Low Commission Our crypto exchange has established itself as a platform with a competitive commission structure, making every transaction profitable.

  • Security and Privacy We use advanced encryption techniques and adhere to all security standards to ensure your data and finances are protected.

  • Many Ways of Exchange Both for exchanging to cash and for exchanging to other cryptocurrencies, we have well-defined and convenient schemes of work. offers not only convenient online cryptocurrency exchange solutions, but also offline options, which is especially useful for those who prefer traditional methods of financial transactions. 


📌 How can I find out the current exchange rate?

To get the current course, contact the service operator on Telegram (@exchange_bulldog).

📌 Can I do the exchange offline?

Yes, when forming the application, please specify the city in which you want to make the exchange.

📌 What is the preferred means of communication for contacting the operator?

You can contact the operator both through the official website and directly on Telegram.