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Please note that 20 network confirmations are required to successfully credit funds using TRX (TRC-20) network


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On our platform, you can easily sell your USDT and get hryvnias to your Monobank card. The process is simple and convenient even for those who are new to cryptocurrencies. Although registration on the site is not mandatory, creating an account will provide you with additional benefits. Registered users can save their wallets and data for faster creation of applications, as well as enjoy a beneficial tiered discount system and affiliate programme.

If necessary, Bulldog Exchange may ask you for verification documents. This may include passport photos and scans, proof of sources of funds, and even a video of you confirming the creation of a particular order on the site. These measures are taken in accordance with AML/KYC Policy to ensure the safety of your funds and transactions.

Unfortunately, at the moment, does not allow buying USDT using Monobank card. However, selling USDT and subsequent withdrawal of funds in UAH to Monobank card is available. The service offers a competitive exchange rate without additional commissions. You can sell from 250 to 10,000 USDT.

The whole process is automated, and if the payment systems are functioning smoothly, you can expect hryvnias to be credited to your account within 5–30 minutes. If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact the site's online chat for quick assistance.

Choosing our service to exchange cryptocurrency to hryvnias, you get a reliable partner that guarantees safety, speed, and convenience of operations.

Our platform provides an optimal solution for those who want to safely and quickly exchange their USDT to hryvnias, with subsequent crediting to their Monobank account. Here is a simple instruction on this process:

  1. Study the exchange terms and conditions. Before starting a transaction, read the commissions, current exchange rate and limits of amounts to be exchanged on the website.

  2. Currency pair selection. In the interface, select the direction of exchange: USDT to hryvnia on Monobank.

  3. Specify the amount to be exchanged. Enter the amount of USDT you plan to convert.

  4. Provide Monobank details. Specify your Monobank account number to receive hryvnias after the exchange.

  5. Fill in your contact information. Enter your email to receive notifications about the status of the exchange.

  6. Send USDT. Transfer the specified amount of USDT to the exchange details provided. Take into account possible network commissions when sending.

  7. Waiting for UAH crediting. After successful transfer of USDT, you will only have to wait for automatic crediting of hryvnias to your Monobank account. provides transparency, favourable exchange rate and minimum commissions without hidden fees, making USDT to Hryvnia exchange via Monobank simple and profitable.


📌 How long does it take to transfer funds to Monobank card after USDT sale?

If payment systems work without fail, UAH will be credited to your account within 5–30 minutes after the exchange.

📌 What documents may I need for verification? under the AML/KYC Policy may request passport photos and scans, proof of sources of funds and even a video confirming the creation of a particular application on the platform.

📌 Do I have to register on the site to make an exchange?

No, registration is not mandatory. However, registered users receive a number of additional benefits, such as saving data and wallets for faster creation of applications.