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Please note that 20 network confirmations are required to successfully credit funds using TRX (TRC-20) network


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USDT, developed by Tether Limited, is used to make dollar equivalent deposits on cryptocurrency exchanges and withdraw fiat currency, bypassing the traditional banking sector.

In Ukraine, the question of how to exchange USDT to Privat24 often arises, as Privatbank is the most popular bank among the local population. It should be taken into account that Ukrainian laws do not allow you to directly transfer USDT to bank cards. However, our exchange service offers this service.

Instruction on fast USDT (Tether) to hryvnia exchange via Privat24

Our service for currency transactions provides a wide range of pairs for exchange: from cryptocurrencies to fiat money. All transactions with USDT TRC20 and USDT ERC20 are executed immediately, allowing cryptocurrency owners to quickly convert it to hryvnia on Privat24. To convert Tether to hryvnia, follow the steps below:

  • Explore the available exchange terms such as commissions, current exchange rate and minimum amount to transfer.

  • On the site, select the desired currency pair: USDT to Hryvnia on Privat24.

  • Specify the amount of cryptocurrency to be exchanged.

  • Enter the necessary payment details for the transfer after the exchange.

  • Fill out the short form, including account information and email.

  • Transfer USDT to the specified details of the exchanger, taking into account the commission of the payment system.

  • Wait for automatic crediting of hryvnias to your Privat24 account.

Our bulldog.exchenge platform provides favourable exchange rates and minimal commissions, without additional or hidden fees, which makes us a reliable partner for cryptocurrency transactions in Ukraine and beyond.

Why choose bulldog.exchenge for exchange on Privat24:

  • Wide range of currency pairs, including fiat and cryptocurrencies.

  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality.

  • Prompt execution of transactions.

  • Competent customer support.

  • Low commissions and favourable exchange rate.

  • Various payment methods.

  • Absolute transparency with no hidden fees.

  • Application of modern data encryption methods.

  • Cryptocurrency to fiat exchange is available around the clock.

For advice or questions, contact our support team by emailing or via messenger on the website.


📌 How is the safety of the operation ensured?

Exchanges typically use various encryption methods and two-factor authentication to ensure security.

📌 Are there any additional requirements to pass KYC?

Some transactions may require you to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This may involve providing a photo of your passport or other identification.

📌 How up-to-date is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is usually updated in real time or with a slight delay. The exact rate will be known at the time of exchange.

📌 Can an operation be cancelled after it has been started?

In most cases, the operation is irreversible. However, if you have problems, it is best to contact the support of the exchange service.

📌 What should I do if my USDT is stuck in the exchange process?

In such cases, it is recommended that you contact the exchange service support team immediately to resolve the problem.