Best bitcoin faucets 2024

Bitcoin faucets are websites or apps that give away small amounts of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies to their users in exchange for completing various simple tasks. The concept was first introduced in 2010 by Gavin Andresen and aimed to popularise bitcoin by giving people an initial amount of cryptocurrency to experiment and learn with.

Basic information

Bitcoin faucets were developed as a way to democratise access to bitcoin, allowing people to obtain bitcoins without having to purchase or mine them. These sites typically make money from advertising, and a portion of their revenue is distributed to users in the form of cryptocurrency rewards. Faucets vary in terms of payout frequency, minimum withdrawal threshold, and types of tasks that need to be completed to earn rewards.

Cryptocurrency faucets and how they work

Bitcoin faucets usually require the user to register and perform certain actions, such as viewing adverts, participating in surveys, playing games or entering captchas. After completing the task, the user is credited with a certain amount of satoshis, the smallest unit of bitcoin, equal to one hundredth of a millionth of a bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

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What bitcoin faucets are there

Bitcoin cranes can vary in their type and mechanisms of operation, offering users different ways to earn bitcoins. Here are the main types of bitcoin faucets you may encounter online:

Classic taps

This is a basic type of bitcoin crane where users perform simple tasks such as entering captchas, viewing adverts or clicking buttons at specific time intervals. Users receive a fixed amount of satoshis for each action performed.

Cranes with games

These faucets integrate elements of games, allowing users to earn bitcoins by participating in a variety of online games. Games can include puzzles, arcades, casino games, or strategy games. Rewards are credited for reaching certain levels or winning competitions.

Raffle Cranes

Such platforms offer users to participate in lotteries or drawings. Often, participation requires completing certain tasks or collecting a certain number of points on the site.

Passive cranes

These faucets offer to accumulate rewards over a long period of time. Users can earn more by staying longer or visiting the site more often. Some of these faucets also offer interest on accumulated funds.

Task cranes

On these platforms, users perform more complex tasks such as participating in surveys, registering on websites, downloading apps or watching videos. These tasks are usually more time-consuming, but the rewards are higher.

Multi-currency faucets

These sites offer not only bitcoin, but also other types of cryptocurrencies. Users can choose which currency to earn and can often exchange one currency for another within the platform.

Microvalve taps

Such faucets automatically transfer earned satoshis to the user's microvallet, making it easier to manage small amounts of cryptocurrency. This allows users to collect rewards from multiple faucets in one place.

Each of these types of faucets offers different approaches to earning bitcoins and can combine several features, such as playing games and completing tasks, to make the process more interesting and appealing to the user.

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Best bitcoin faucets in 2024

Is one of the oldest and most respected bitcoin cranes in the industry. Users can receive bitcoins every hour by following a simple process of entering a captcha and clicking a button. The site also offers various game modes such as lottery, gambling and event betting, allowing you to maximise your earnings. On the plus side, there are interest charges on the account balance, which attracts users to keep funds on the platform for the long term.


This cryptocurrency faucet features a wide variety of tasks including watching promotional videos, completing surveys, downloading and using apps, and playing games. The site offers high rewards and various ways to increase earnings through multiple bonuses and loyalty. Its mobile app is easy to use on the go, making earning more accessible.


Offers several gaming options for earning cryptocurrency. Instead of traditional tasks, the faucet provides the opportunity to play various mini-games that make the process more fun. Rewards can be collected every few minutes, which encourages constant interaction with the platform.

Moon Bitcoin

Has a unique system that allows users to decide for themselves how often they want to collect their rewards. The more often a user visits the site, the more they can earn. The loyalty bonus system and referral programme also help to increase earnings.

Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin offers users the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 satoshis every 15 minutes. The site also includes a variety of bonuses and promotions, which makes the process of earning more interesting and profitable.


 With a unique approach to earning through lab experiments and testing, SatoshiLabs is an interactive and fun way to earn bitcoins. Users perform scientific experiments in a virtual lab, earning cryptocurrency for doing so.

Bitcoin Aliens

This crane is in the business of developing gaming apps for mobile devices where users can earn bitcoins by participating in alien fighting games and other themed games. Bitcoin Aliens is known for its generous payouts and engaging content.

Fire Faucet

As an autofaucet, Fire Faucet allows users to earn multiple cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, by completing tasks automatically. Users can set the faucet to automatically collect funds, making the process easier.

Faucet Crypto

Offers a wide range of tasks, from watching adverts to completing captchas. Faucet Crypto supports multiple cryptocurrencies and has a high degree of flexibility in how you earn money.


Bitcoinker allows users to earn every 5 minutes and offers bonuses for long-term use of the site. Its ease of use and low withdrawal threshold make it a popular choice among cryptocurrency beginners.

Benefits of Bitcoin Cranes

  • Risk-free and investment-free: One of the key advantages of bitcoin faucets is that they allow you to earn cryptocurrency without having to invest. This makes them a great choice for those new to the world of cryptocurrency who want to understand how the system works without risking their money.

  • Educational aspect: Bitcoin exchanges often serve as an entry threshold for new users, teaching the basics of cryptocurrencies such as wallet usage, transactions, and security.

  • Low entry threshold: Most faucets only require a basic registration to get started. This makes accessing cryptocurrencies easy and simple.

  • Opportunity to earn additional funds: Despite the small amounts, constant use of faucets can result in accumulating a significant amount over time.

Disadvantages of bitcoin cranes

  • Small payouts: The rewards that faucets offer are usually very small, which can be disappointing if you expect to make a quick buck.

  • Time Wasting: To make significant amounts of money, you need to spend a lot of time doing monotonous tasks, which can be an inefficient time allocation for some users.

  • Security Risks: Some faucets may be associated with fraudulent activities or use unsafe advertising methods, jeopardising the user's personal data.

  • Impact on device performance: Some taps require users to keep browser tabs open, which can slow down the device and increase power consumption.

  • Ads and Spam: Many cranes are funded by adverts, and users may encounter excessive amounts of promotional material, including pop-ups and unwanted emails.

When using bitcoin faucets, it is important to approach the process with realistic expectations and the understanding that it is more of a way to learn about cryptocurrencies than a significant source of income. It is a good way for beginners to get familiar with cryptocurrency without an initial investment. However, it pays to be careful when choosing a faucet to avoid platforms with poor reputations or high withdrawal thresholds.

Choosing a bitcoin faucet should be based on factors such as reliability, regularity of payouts, ease of use and the types of jobs available. Many of the top cranes offer additional bonuses and incentives to increase earnings, making the process more attractive.



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