Copy trading

What is cryptocurrency copy trading and how to make money from it?

In an era where digital money is gaining popularity, copy trading is becoming a goldmine for investors looking to maximise their returns without having to immerse themselves in the intricacies of trading. Copy trading, or social trading, offers a new approach to cryptocurrency investing by allowing users to copy the trades of experienced traders. This opens the door to novice investors looking to capitalise on the volatility of the crypto market without having in-depth knowledge of its mechanisms. Let's find out how to make money on it and stay in the win-win situation.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a process where traders (investors) automatically copy trades of professional traders of their choice. Copy trading systems allow users to view the trading history and results of experienced traders, select the most successful ones and automatically copy their trades in real time.

What are the different types of copy trading?

Copy trading, while a unique way of investing, can include a variety of approaches and formats, depending on the platform, tools, and investor goals. Here are the main varieties of copy trading you may encounter:

1. Copy trading based on trader's choice

This is the most common type of copy-trading, where investors select traders to copy based on their past performance, strategy, risk level and other criteria. Investors can copy trades of one or more traders, thereby diversifying their portfolio.

2. Copy trading with fixed allocation

In this type of copy-trading, investors allocate a certain percentage of their capital to copy each selected trader. For example, an investor may decide to allocate his capital among several traders, assigning each of them a fixed percentage of the total investment budget.

3. Automated copy-trading

This type of copy trading relies on algorithms and automated systems to select traders and copy their trades. The system can automatically adapt to changes in the market, selecting the most successful traders to copy in real time.

4. Copy trading with managed portfolios

In some cases, copy-trading platforms offer investors the opportunity to invest in managed portfolios that are made up of trades from different traders. This allows investors to invest in ready-made strategies that are managed by professional traders or algorithms.

5. Social copy trading

This approach combines elements of social media and copy-trading, allowing users to share trading information, discuss strategies and even copy each other's trades. Social copy-trading platforms often include rating, commenting and discussion features that help users make more informed investment decisions.

The variety of types of copy-trading allows investors to choose the approach that best suits their investment objectives, level of experience and risk management strategy. Regardless of the type of copy-trading chosen, it is important to carefully analyse and consider all potential risks associated with investing.

How does copy trading work?

Trader selection

Copy-trading platforms provide users with access to detailed profiles of traders, including their trading history, risk level, total return and other important metrics. Investors can use this data to select the most suitable traders to copy.

Automatic copying of trades

Once a trader is selected for copying, all his future trades are automatically copied to the investor's account according to predefined parameters. This means that when a trader opens or closes a trade, a similar trade is automatically executed on the investor's account.

Scaling of transactions

Investors can set transaction scaling parameters to control the amount of capital involved in each copied transaction. This allows the risk and potential return to be tailored to the investor's personal preferences and capabilities.

Variety of strategies

Copy trading provides an opportunity to apply a variety of trading strategies by combining trades of different traders in a portfolio. Investors can choose traders with different trading styles, from conservative to aggressive, to create a balanced investment portfolio.

Advantages of copy trading

Accessibility for beginners

Copy trading allows people without in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency market to start investing and making profits based on the experience of professionals.

Time saving

Traders don't need to constantly monitor the market or perform in-depth analyses; their chosen professionals do it all for them.

Diversity and flexibility

Investors can easily modify their portfolio by adding or removing traders based on changes in strategy or market conditions.

Risk management

With the ability to set scaling parameters and loss limits, investors can manage their risk more effectively.

Disadvantages of copy trading

Despite all the advantages, copy trading in cryptocurrencies also has its drawbacks and risks, which are important for investors to be aware of before trading.

Risk of loss of control

By copying the trades of other traders, investors lose some control over their investments. Choosing a trader to copy means that you are relying on their decisions and strategies, which may not always match your perception of the market or your comfort level with risk.

Dependence on the results of other traders

Your gains and losses are directly related to the successes and failures of the traders you choose to copy. Even experienced traders can experience periods of losses, which can have a negative impact on your portfolio.

Limited understanding of the market

Using copy trading, novice investors may not feel the need to study the market and develop their own trading skills. This creates the risk of becoming overly dependent on copy trading without contributing to the growth of personal knowledge and experience.

Risks associated with choosing a trader

Choosing the wrong trader to copy can lead to significant losses. Not all traders provide reliable information about their performance, and historical data is not always a guarantee of future results.

Cryptocurrency market volatility

The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility, which increases the risk of losses in the short term. This is especially true for copy-trading, where operations can be performed automatically without the ability to react to market changes in a timely manner.


Copy trading opens new horizons for investing in cryptocurrencies, making it accessible, flexible and attractive to a wide range of investors. This method allows you not only to make profits, but also to gradually accumulate knowledge about the market by analysing the actions and strategies of experienced traders. It is important to remember that, despite all the advantages, copy-trading entails certain risks, and investors should be careful when selecting traders for copy-trading, as well as pay attention to their portfolio and risk management.



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